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Here are 24 of the biggest retail companies in America to work for.

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About the Retail Industry

The retail industry refers to selling both products and services to end users. Retail sellers represent one of the latest parts in the supply chain.

Practically, they make money by purchasing bulk amounts of particular products for lower costs and even significant discounts, only to sell them one by one at a higher price.

Over the past few decades, this industry has gained popularity over the Internet as well, especially since the costs are often a lot lower than in regular stores.

The retail industry covers all kinds of products in pretty much any field, including construction, automotive, groceries, beverages, furniture and many others. Obviously, some of its segments are going to prosper over the next years, while others are very likely to lose their popularity.
A company in the retail field sells specific products to regular products. Such companies do not necessarily deal with large businesses, since they mostly focus on bulk orders. A career as a salesperson might be profitable if you have a degree and some experience, but also if you sell the right product. Wal-Mart and Kroger are currently the largest retailers in the USA.