Top Oil Exploration Companies

Here are 8 of the biggest oil exploration companies in America to work for.

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About the Oil Exploration Industry

According to most specialists, it seems that the oil exploration industry is currently the most profitable one in the world. This industry began gaining popularity during the twentieth century. Today, the rush for oil has never been higher. Oil is currently used in the production of energy, but at the same time, it is also responsible for a lot of chemical products, including pharmaceuticals or fertilizers. Since there are still a lot of unexploited deposits in the earth, the industry will probably maintain its popularity for at least a few more decades.

A company in the oil exploration field is usually responsible for the location and extraction of oil. The largest companies handle all the phases in the process, including the production and distribution as well. From this point of view, starting a career in this field implies hunting for a world renowned corporation. However, there are plenty of small companies operating locally too.

Some of the biggest oil exploration companies in the United States of America include Apache Corporation, Shell Oil Company, XTO Energy and Linn Energy.