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Here are 7 of the biggest metal & minerals companies in America to work for.

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About the Metal & Minerals Industry

The metal and mineral industry is mostly related to mining. Mining is practically the extraction of such things from the earth. Mining has been around for centuries, even if people back then had no clue what they were actually mining. These days, it is a large, yet dirty industry that makes a lot of money. Since there are still plenty of resources hidden in the earth, mining is very likely to continue for many more years.

A company in mining may have multiple purposes. Most of them rely on the hardest and most profitable part – the actual mining. However, mining has a few different branches and may also include specific manufacturing procedures. A career in this field is very profitable, but it depends on the actual position. For instance, miners are not too well paid, especially when compared to engineers or machine operators. From this point of view, a degree might be very helpful.

Newmont Mining is currently the largest metal & mineral mining company in the United States of America. It mostly focuses on gold.