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Here are 8 of the biggest medical device companies in America to work for.

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About the Medical Device Industry

The medical device industry is responsible for all the tools and equipments used in the medical world, whether it comes to instruments, implants or innovative products. The primary purpose of such equipments is to help in diagnosing or treating particular affections. The industry has slowly evolved along with the medical field overtime. However, most innovations occurred during the last century.

A company in the medical device industry might have multiple purposes. Some of them handle the manufacturing process, while others market and distribute the respective items. Just like for any other medical field, a career in this industry is very likely to be quite profitable and stable in the long run. While not all the positions ask for professional education, a postsecondary degree is actually a top recommendation. It can make the difference between one applicant and another, but also help with promotions.

There are plenty of medical device manufacturers out there. Judging by the revenue, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic Inc. and General Electric Co. are some of the largest producers. The competition is both local and international.