Top Manufacturing Companies

Here are 25 of the biggest manufacturing companies in America to work for.

Organicix LLC (DaVinci Vaporizer)

Organicix LLC (DaVinci Vaporizer) Screenshot


Organicix LLC is an American manufacturer of vaporizers based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They produce some of the most advanced digital vaporizers on the market, the DaVinci Vaporizer, that...

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About the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is a broad array of sectors and segments responsible for the development of biological and chemical products, as well as tools, foods, beverages, furniture and anything else that can be taken for a consumer good. Practically, this industry implies taking raw materials and transforming them into finished and useful goods, but at a very large scale. The industry is quite diversified, so some of its segments are older than others. At the same time, some of them are very profitable and expected to grow very quickly in the next few years.

A company in the manufacturing industry is responsible for the actual design and development. Some companies also handle the marketing and distribution, but this is not a general rule. A career in this field depends on what exactly is being manufactured. Moreover, the actual purpose of a company can also dictate the required educational level. While some positions do not need any professional educations, some others are very specific from this point of view.