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Here are 42 of the biggest insurance companies in America to work for. Screenshot

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When disaster strikes, a person is left to deal with the financial and, all too often, the emotional distress of property loss and damage. Filling an insurance claim can... Screenshot

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About the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry relates to the equitable transfer of various risks to specific companies for particular costs. Practically, an insurance is a form of risk management. If you think that driving an expensive car can expose it to a lot of risks, insure it and the respective company will have to pay for any potential damage. This industry has been around for centuries, yet it has never been so detailed. It is extremely profitable and grows on a regular basis, especially since you can insure pretty much anything, including body parts or key employees.

An insurance company may handle financial, pure or particular risks. Some of the most common policies are in health care, employment, transportation, finance and services. While being an insurance agent does not ask for any professional education, a postsecondary degree can open a lot of doors for a further evolution.

Some of the largest insurance players in the United States of America include Aetna, American Automobile Association, West Coast Life and Transamerica Corporation, among many others. The international competition is almost null.