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Here are 7 of the biggest hospitals & clinics companies in America to work for.

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About the Hospitals & Clinics Industry

The hospitals and clinics industry is part of the health care system and implies providing patients with all types of treatments according to their medical necessities. Basically, a hospital or a medical clinic is supposed to diagnose, treat and prevent any kind of injury or disease. Some hospitals are general, while others focus on particular medical domains, such as mental health, HIV infections or infectious diseases.

The hospitals and clinics industry is a medical field, which means that it represents one of the most profitable systems for the future. It is one of the fastest growing industries and employs health care professionals on a regular basis. Professional education is mandatory for a glowing career though, regardless of the location. Registered and travel nurses are in very high demand lately, while surgeons and physicians are the best paid positions.

Monteflore Medical Center, Baptist Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Hospital and Jackson Memorial Hospital are only some of the best rated hospitals in the United States of America. While most of them are public, there are a series of privately owned institutions as well.