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Here are 9 of the biggest hospitality companies in America to work for.




Alaska Fishing Trips with Mark Glassmaker has been guiding fishermen on Alaska fishing trips on the Kenai Peninsula and other parts of Alaska since 1990. Glassmaker is one of...

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About the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is practically a service field that brings in access to cruise lines, parks, transportation, event planning, housing, lodging and other similar necessities in tourism. This industry is spread all over the world and handles billions of dollars every year. A company in this industry may serve multiple purposes. For instance, it might work as an agency, only to help potential tourists with good solutions for their vacations, depending on their budget and preferences. Some other companies operate hotels or restaurants, not to mention about theme parks.

Since the humankind is always looking for new ways to stay entertained, tourism is probably the most appreciated method to relax. However, it is worth noting that there are numerous quality standards. While this industry is less likely to die, some units are very likely to become history. Whether they cannot face the competition or their standards are too low, their time on the market is limited. A career in this domain is not always going to be very profitable, unless you become a manager or director.