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Website: is a one-stop shop for all your freeze dried needs. They carry all of the top American manufactured brands and are determined to prove that “freeze dried” can...

Savoury Chef Foods

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Savoury Chef Foods began as a two-person personal catering operation in 2006, founded by Chef Taryn Wa and partner Kyle Nordman. As word spread about their innovative menus, impeccable...

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About the Food Industry

The food industry represents a very complex and diversified field with all kinds of businesses. They spread all over the world and cover a series of different branches and divisions. Practically, a company in the food industry might have to handle the regulation, research, production, financing, manufacturing, agriculture, processing, wholesale and retailing operations. All these divisions work together in a tight collaboration. While some companies only deal with particular processes, the largest producers in the United States of America may cover all these procedures due to their complexity.
The food industry?is not necessarily advancing, but it is less likely to die to. However, some businesses are small and local, so they find it very hard to compete with the largest players. At the same time, a career in this field depends on your specialization and education. Professional education is not always needed, but highly recommended.
Some of the biggest food companies in the United States of America include Dole Food Company, Minnesota’s General Mills, Nestle and Kraft Foods. The competition is quite harsh and comes from other countries as well.