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Here are 15 of the biggest food & beverage companies in America to work for.

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About the Food & Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry spreads over a few different branches. From some points of view, a company in this field might be responsible for the production, manufacturing, packaging and bottling processes, not to mention about the distribution. On a side note, some companies activate in a completely different domain – serving. In other words, this field covers all the bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants as well. Whether it comes to personal entertainment, relaxation or just foods and beverages for home uses, this field is less likely to die anytime soon. People will always eat, drink and relax whenever they have opportunity. However, it does not mean that the industry is actually evolving. In many areas, it is quite saturated, so only the best manage to resist over long periods of time.

A career in the food and beverage domain depends on the specialization. When working in bars or pubs, you do not really require a professional degree in order to serve. However, when it comes to developing new recipes or foods, it might be a good idea to be get educated upfront.