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Here are 62 of the biggest energy companies in America to work for.

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About the Energy Industry

Although it was a lot less sophisticated centuries ago, the energy industry is actually very old. It is now part of everyone’s life and covers a series of different branches. Normally, it is responsible for the production, extraction, refining and selling fuel, oil and natural gas. This industry is one of the leading ones on the market, regardless of the country. It includes the petroleum, gas, electrical power, coal and nuclear power branches. Aside from these tasks and responsibilities, a company in the energy industry is sometimes supposed to act like a local or national utility.
A career in energy can be very profitable because this field is expected to grow continuously for at least a few more decades. Obtaining a well paid job depends on multiple factors though, such as the position, company and education. Professional education is one of the best bets in order to make the difference between yourself and other applicants.
Duke Energy, Dominion, Exelon and Southern Company are just some of the most powerful names out there, but the list is way longer.