Top Cosmetic Companies

Here are 9 of the biggest cosmetic companies in America to work for.

Physicians Laser Center

Physicians Laser Center Screenshot


Physicians Laser Center is making waves in the aesthetic industry with their use of FDA-approved laser technology to remove tattoos, hair, and even rejuvenate skin. They have a reputation...

The John Vincent Hair Restoration Group

The John Vincent Hair Restoration Group Screenshot


Hair Loss can be devastating and The John Vincent Hair Restoration Group is here to help! We specialize in Laser Hair Therapy treatment options for both women and men...

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About the Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetic industry is by far one of the largest ones in the world. It is sometimes referred to as the makeup industry. Its primary purpose is to enhance the appearance, as well as the personal odor. Some cosmetics are perfectly natural and recommended in order to avoid side effects. Many others are synthetic and produced in laboratories. The industry is part of absolutely every culture. It exists for centuries too.

A company in the cosmetic industry may have a lot of different uses. For instance, some companies produce these items, but they do not handle the distribution. Some others are solely based on commerce, so the production is out of discussion. Obviously, the largest names in this industry take care of all the processes, from the first plan to the final delivery. A career in this field can become very prolific if you pick the right company and you got some good skills.

Procter & Gamble is one of the most important players on the market, but Johnson & Johnson and Avon are not to be ignored either.