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Here are 8 of the biggest convenience companies in America to work for.

Check Maid Cleaning

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Chicago is a lovely city located in the Northern part of Illinois. Native Chicagoans may find that the region’s very brisk four season climate makes it hard to keep...

Maid Service Atlanta

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Dynamic, vital Atlanta today serves as a hub for northern Georgia, The Peach State. With so many busy professionals residing and working in this region, clients appreciate the convenience...

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About the Convenience Industry

The convenience store industry is practically gathering together dozens of thousands of small stores and corner shops that stock all kinds of everyday stuff. Tobacco, groceries, foods, drinks, toiletries and newspapers are just some of the most common items you can find in a convenience store. Some larger shops may also provide money transfer services or the possibility to pay utilities. From many points of view, these locations are the most convenient alternatives to large supermarkets.

A company in this field might be a small local one or a large chain with numerous small stores across the city, state or country. Of course, the larger the chain is, the more prolific the respective company is. Retail commerce represents the most common job opportunity in this industry. However, large chains may also require managers, drivers, accountants or computer specialists.

There are plenty of convenience store chains across the United States of America. Some of the leading names include ABC Stores, Kum & Go, SuperAmerica and Go-Mart. If you count the small neighborhood shops, the list is a lot longer.