Top Consumer Good Companies

Here are 16 of the biggest consumer good companies in America to work for.

Repair Sharks LLC

Repair Sharks LLC Screenshot


Repair Sharks LLC is a reputable repair and maintenance service provider. They fix iPod’s, iPhone’s, and Xbox 360’s with excellent customer satisfaction every time. They are the one-stop shop...

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About the Consumer Good Industry

The consumer good industry is an extremely diversified one, with all kinds of products for a lot of diversified needs. Practically, any commodity manufactured to be used by consumers is a consumer good. As a general rule of thumb, these goods are consumed and not necessarily used for the production of others. From this point of view, a bicycle, a car or a microwave oven is a consumer good. On a side note, textiles are not because they are used to create other products. This industry exists since the first goods were ever traded, thousands of years ago. It consists of multiple fields. Some of them are more prolific than others. On a side note, some companies are local, while others have international sales. Normally, a company may have multiple purposes in this field, whether it comes to designing and producing items or marketing and distributing them.

Some of the best players in this industry include Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark Corp., Avon Products Inc. and S. C. Johnson. The competition is quite harsh and mostly comes from Europe and Asia.