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Here are 16 of the biggest electronic companies in America to work for.

HDD Recovery Services

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In a world where technology rules a great deal of your life HDD Recovery Services is your light at the end of the tunnel. With a high dependency on...

Repair Sharks LLC

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With over 8 years of industry leading experience in iDevice repair the Repair Sharks provides an unprecedented repair experience for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Xbox, Playstation, MacBook and...

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About the Electronic Industry

The consumer electronics industry (also known as CE) is one of the largest ones in the world. It consists of thousands of different types of equipments designed to be used in everyday activities. Most of them are used in home settlements for entertainment and communications. However, they are just as handy around businesses and offices. Some of the most common products include television sets, digital cameras, mobile phones and personal computers.

The consumer electronics industry has started gaining popularity about half a century ago. Today, it dominates the entire world. New products show up on a daily basis, not to mention about unique features and technologies. Practically, this field is in a continuous evolution. A company in this field might be responsible for producing or designing such things, but also for distributing and selling them. A career in CE is clearly a productive one, but it does depend on a series of factors.

Some of the top EC companies include IBS Electronics Inc., EXPERT Assembly Services Inc. and Professional Technical Services, among many other names.