Top Business Service Companies

Here are 26 of the biggest business service companies in America to work for.

A.K. Burton, PC

A.K. Burton, PC Screenshot


A.K. Burton, PC is an accounting firm located in Bethesda, Maryland for more than 25 years. With that kind of experience behind them, A.K. Burtun is able to help...

Bankruptcy Law Center

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The Bankruptcy Law Center is a firm of experienced bankruptcy lawyers in San Diego whose sole mission is to help people facing tough financial times—overwhelming credit card debts, foreclosures,...

Canada DUI Entry Law

Canada DUI Entry Law Screenshot


So summer rolls around and you’re taking a two week vacation from work. Your family has decided that this year you should all vacation in Canada, eh. Your wife...

Check Maid Cleaning

Check Maid Cleaning Screenshot


The large and economically thriving city of Atlanta, Georgia lies in the northern part of the state. Atlanta is where southern hospitality merges with northern business efficiency. Part of...

First Security Services

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First Security Services has been providing private security guard services in Sacramento, CA for almost 50 years. They are THE premiere security provider in California and have been independently...

House Cleaning Boston

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It appears as if there is not only a shortage of housing in Boston but also a shortage of quality home cleaners. Or at least that is what I...

Maid Service Houston

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Finding a hard-working, thorough maid service in Houston can take some searching. That’s why you must look for a proficient establishment. Locating a powerhouse at a reasonable cost isn’t...

Staff Outsourcing

Staff Outsourcing


Located in Nixa, Missouri, Staff Outsourcing provides the skilled employees a business needs at any given time. Every business has its own unique way of operation. In many cases,...

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About the Business Service Industry

The business service industry is extremely diversified. Practically, it gathers together all the businesses that operate by providing various services, regardless of the field. Such services exist for thousands of years, yet the industry has never really been properly defined in small details. All in all, a company in business service might provide consultancy, reparations, gardening, health care, nanny services, car maintenance or car rental services. This industry is virtually limitless and extends in all the possible fields out there.
When it comes to job or career opportunities, business services allow you to decide upfront on whatever you plan to do in life. Your professional education is very likely to provide a lot of options. It is hard to tell whether or not this industry is growing though. While some trades are obviously going up, some others might be heading down.
Wal-Mart Stores, Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Berkshire Hathaway, for example, are going up. Finally, the competition also depends on the career choice. There are fields where the competition is practically null, so there is no way to fail.