Top Broadcasting Companies

Here are 14 of the biggest broadcasting companies in America to work for.

Immortal News

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Immortal News is an internet magazine that just launched. And already it’s building a reputation for sharing the funniest and coolest news with a perspective you won’t find anywhere...

Mommy Edition

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Whether it is changing your first diaper, potty training a boy or even getting your child ready for pre-k, you’ll find it all at Mommy Edition. Mommy Edition is...

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About the Broadcasting Industry

The broadcasting industry is responsible for distributing video and audio content?to?all kinds of audiences. Most of the transmission is conducted through radio waves. Generally, this industry has started gaining popularity at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Today, it is mostly used with recreational purposes, as well as both commercial and noncommercial messages, training, experiments and emergency messages.
The broadcasting industry has not really been affected by the financial crisis because people are always trying to entertain themselves. The industry is clearly going up, but it also has a series of branches and fields. Some people may choose to work in television, but you can just as well focus on radio broadcasting, telephone broadcasting or webcasting, among several other possibilities.
There are a few top notch companies in the broadcasting industry in the United States of America. The list includes NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and The CW. While plenty of channels broadcast all across the world, the competition from international companies is not that high. After all, local channels will always dominate the market.