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Here are 16 of the biggest automobile companies in America to work for.

Michael Greenberg Esquire

Michael Greenberg Esquire


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About the Automobile Industry

While the first self propelled vehicles were initially built during the 17th century, the first cars showed up in Europe and North America during the 19-th century. Ever since that moment, the automotive industry has become one of the fields with the fastest growing rates. Basically, every new year brings in a series of models, innovations and quality standards. The financial crisis has severely affected this industry though. But fortunately, it is slowly recovering. From many points of view, the automotive field is one of those trades that will never die, especially with such modern technologies like electric cars.
Automotive manufacturers are responsible for the design, development and distribution of vehicles. They sell their work through a series of branches, as well as individual dealers. Most manufacturers sell their vehicles throughout the entire world. They are classified by multiple criteria and target particular categories of consumers.
There are no doubts that Ford Motor Co.?is?one of the largest names in the automotive industry. Chrysler Corp and General Motors Corp are just as popular around North America. However, the competition from Japan and Europe is extremely harsh.