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Here are 14 of the biggest architecture companies in America to work for.

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About the Architecture Industry

Architecture is a very diversified field with several branches. The industry has come to life thousands of years ago, when people designed and developed their first shelters, even if they had no knowledge or education. Today, it mostly implies preparing buildings and construction systems. In other words, the entire process begins with preparing, designing and planning a building. From some points of view, the architecture also includes the actual building process. The actual tasks vary from one architect to another, but generally, these professionals are mostly responsible for the planning and designing phases.
Since construction is a field that will resist for ever, architecture is obviously a very prolific industry today. People are continuously raising buildings all over the world. Most countries have strict laws, so it is less likely to construct a building without an architect’s plan or project.
There are plenty of companies out there, as well as independent architects too.?Aecom?and Gensler are some of the largest architecture companies in the United States of America. However, they conduct operations all across the world.