Top Apparel Companies

Here are 9 of the biggest apparel companies in America to work for.

Odd Sox

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Showing individuality and standing out from the crowd are touted as creative values in Western society, it’s not often that people find a truly unique way to express themselves...

Protos Eyewear

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Protos Eyewear is a producer of custom fitted 3D printed eyewear. Created in San Francisco, California all glasses are made in the United States and gives you the opportunity...

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About the Apparel Industry

The apparel industry has inevitably shown up a few thousand years ago. Even ancient people used to cover their bodies with leaves, fibers or animal skins in order to protect themselves against weather conditions. Back then, they had absolutely no intentions to cover their intimate parts. Today, the apparel industry is extremely diversified. There are all kinds of brands out there. Some of them are world renowned, while others are local. Furthermore, this industry is highly dependent?of?the fashion world. This is the reason?wherefore?trends change on a regular basis.
When it comes to job opportunities, it is worth noting that this industry will never die. Clothes will always represent a main concern for the modern individual. Therefore, this industry is always growing with new ideas and solutions. As for its evolution, there are not too many new discoveries to pop up. As for the top players in this industry, the?chart?obviously varies from one style to another. Nike, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Phillips Van Heusen and Tommy Hilfiger are just some of the front runners.