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Here are 12 of the biggest aerospace companies in America to work for.

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About the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is split into a series of different fields and specializations. It practically refers to the human effort to fly in the atmosphere and space. An aerospace company may have different purposes, depending on its profile. For example, some companies focus on production and manufacturing, while others develop new innovations and technologies, not to mention about designing new parts and accessories. The industry is relatively old when compared to others. After all, the humankind has begun flying slightly more than a century ago.
Just like any other industry, the aerospace field has been affected by the recent financial crisis. Fortunately, it is slowly recovering. Therefore, the industry is now growing. Those who are interested in working or building a career in this field should focus on areas with intensive airport activities. Otherwise, they should look for areas where various aerospace companies are headquartered or conduct operations.
There are a few major companies and front runners operating in the aerospace industry. United Technologies is one of the largest players in this industry, with Boeing?being?the second one and Lockheed Martin?coming?on?the third place.